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These are the terms and conditions (the "Terms & Conditions") entered between Al Ghurair Properties LLC ("AGP") and each participant (“Participant(s)”) that apply to Al Ghurair Properties to give away a rent free for twelve (12) months for one apartment to a family financially or otherwise affected by COVID-19 (the "Promotion"). By entering the Promotion, each Participant agrees to these Terms & Conditions and confirms they have read and understood them and agrees to be bound by them.

  1. Promotion and Participants

  • The Promotion opens for free entry on 25th Feb (UAE Time) and will close on 30th April (the “Entry Period”).

  • To participate in the Promotion, the Participants must be affected by COVID-19 and have a family in the UAE.

  • The Participants must be a legal resident of the UAE, have a valid proof of identification and be at least 18 years old at the time of the Entry Period.

  • To enter into the Promotion, the Participants must send their detailed stories in a 2 minute video to during the Entry Period with the following details: 

       -  Full name, mobile number, email address;

       -  The magnitude of the impact COVID-19 has had on the Participant’s life (job loss, death in the family, financial loss etc.);

       -  Monthly income of the Participant’s family - Pre & Post COVID-19;

       -  Current accommodation arrangements of the Participant’s family – Pre & Post COVID-19, if moved recently;

       -  Total number of members in the Participant’s family and age groups of all family members;

  • AGP reserves the right to require any other information or detail.

  • A total of ten (10) Participants with most compelling stories will by shortlisted by AGP at its sole discretion and may be requested for supporting documents proving the COVID-19 affects mentioned in their respective stories and proof of eligibility as reasonably considered necessary by AGP. The shortlisted Participants with their families may be required to be met to further assess their situation, if considered necessary by AGP.  



2 - Winner and Prize

    There is only one (1) Participant who will be selected by AGP at its sole and absolute discretion as a winner in      this Promotion  (the “Winner”) and who will get a rent free for twelve (12) months for one apartment chosen by AGP (the "Prize"). The following conditions apply to the Prize:

  • No rent will be payable by the Winner for twelve (12) calendar months continuously (the “Free Period”) for one apartment chosen by AGP commencing on moving between 31st March and 30th April. In the event that the Winner wishes to move in at a later date, this will be at the discretion of AGP.

  • Size and location of the apartment will be decided by AGP at its discretion, considering the size of the Winner’s family, their needs and convenience.

  • The Winner shall occupy the apartment with his/her family for his/her personal use and it is not allowed to transfer/ sub-lease/ share the apartment;

  • No cash alternative is available;

  • Two (2) years standard tenancy contract shall be signed between AGP and the Winner at the listing price of the apartment with an initial free period of twelve (12) months;

  • The Winner will be treated as a regular AGP’s tenant at a stage towards the end of the Free Period and shall be given standard renewal negotiation options upon expiry of the Free Period.

  • In the event the Winner isn’t able or doesn’t wish to continue occupying the apartment at the end of the Free Period, he will be free to vacate the apartment.

  • In the event the Winner wishes to continue occupying the apartment after the Free Period, he/she shall pay security deposit, any other charges and furnish rental cheques for second leasing year as a regular tenant;

  • The Winner acknowledges and agrees to pay all utility consumption charges/ installation costs/ deposits toward relevant service providers (including without limitation to water, electricity, gas) during the Free Period and thereafter.

  • The Winner must be willing and able to sign all relevant documentation requested by AGP in order to claim the Prize. All documents must be given to AGP for final review and approval.

  • The Winner will be notified using any of the contact details provided at the time of entry to the Promotion. AGP will make reasonable efforts to contact the Winner, but it is the Winner's responsibility to monitor their voicemail and email account, including any junk mail folder, for receipt of the notification.

  • The Winner must accept the Prize by confirming their acceptance within three (3) working days of the date of the initial winner's notification. Failure to accept the Prize by the deadline may result in the Prize being forfeited and/or the selection of an alternative winner.

 3 - Publicity and Personal Data

By entering this Promotion, each Participant agrees that his story will be reviewed by AGP’s employees assigned to work on this Promotion and in the event of a win, the Winner will take part in reasonable publicity connected with the Promotion as requested by AGP and that AGP is entitled (but not obliged) to use the Winner's name and image in connection with such publicity.  The Winner agrees that AGP may share, publish or promote any image, video, text or other content submitted in connection with this Promotion on its corporate website, blogs or its social media accounts.

By entering the Promotion, all Participants (including the Winner) consent to the processing of their personal data by AGP in connection with this Promotion and the Terms & Conditions.

4- Disqualification 

Without limiting the options available to AGP, AGP reserves the right at any time to disqualify any Participant (including the Winner) that AGP finds as being in breach of these Terms & Conditions or the spirit of the Promotion or any applicable laws.

5- Liability and Indemnity

 AGP shall not be liable for any damage or loss howsoever caused (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or damage), injury or disappointment suffered by the Participants, including the Winner, as a result of entering the Promotion.

The Participants, including the Winner, agree to protect, defend and hold harmless AGP and its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, staff and shareholders, from and against any and all losses, suits, demands, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising from or relating to (i) use of AGP’s website/ application; (ii) this Promotion; (iii) breach of these Terms & Conditions by the Participants, including the Winner; (iv)violation of any applicable law, regulation or any third party’s rights by the Participants, including the Winner.

The foregoing limitations of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law.

This obligation set out above survives the termination of these Terms & Conditions.

6- Disclaimer

 Subject to applicable laws, AGP makes no warranties, and hereby disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, concerning the Prize in connection with the Promotion. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, subject to applicable laws, the Prize is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and AGP hereby disclaims all such warranties.

7- Variation and Cancellation 

AGP reserves the right to vary, suspend or cancel the Promotion and/or these Terms & Conditions if it considers it necessary or appropriate to do so or if variation, suspension or cancellation is necessary due to an event outside AGP's reasonable control.

8- Severance

The provisions of these Terms & Conditions are severable and if any part of these Terms & Conditions is determined to be unenforceable then the parties agree that such part shall be deemed to be deleted or amended but only to the minimum extent necessary and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

9- Entire Agreement

These Terms & Conditions represent the full agreement between the parties and no representation or statement of any kind not incorporated herein forms part of the agreement.

10- Disputes

 In the event of a dispute in regard any aspect of the Promotion and/or these Terms & Conditions, the decision of the AGP will be final and binding.

11- Governing Law and Jurisdiction

 These Terms & Conditions are governed by and subject to Dubai law and the laws of the United Arab Emirates, as applied in the Emirate of Dubai. The parties agree that any dispute in relation to these Terms & Conditions shall be determined by the courts of Dubai.

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