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1. What are the advantages of renting with Al Ghurair Properties?

When you rent with Al Ghurair you will have peace of mind that your home is safe and secure with our 24-hour security. We will ensure that your property is well maintained and guarantee to respond to all maintenance requests in a timely manner.


2. What are the major areas where Al Ghurair properties are located?

We have properties in many locations in Dubai including Deira, Bur Dubai, Barsha, Qusais and Warqa.


3. What kinds of documents are required for a new lease?

  • A valid passport copy with visa

  • Emirates ID

  • 3 months bank statement and or salary certificate for new residents

  • Passport copy with visa page and EID for all occupants.


4. Do you allow subletting of the unit?

We do not allow subletting in our properties

5. Is sharing allowed in this building

Sharing is prohibited.

6. Is it possible to make partitions inside the unit?

No, it is strictly not allowed


7. Am I allowed to make any modifications inside the unit?

No, you are not allowed to make any kind of modifications to the unit including partitions.

8. What is the security deposit for a new lease?

The security deposit is one month’s rent.


9. What happens if I cancel a paid reservation?

If you cancel your reservation your deposit amount will be forfeited.


10. Can I pay my rent in more than 4 instalments?

Yes, we also have the option to pay the rent in 6 or 12 Cheques. However, an additional premium will be applicable, and this is subject to management approval.


11. Are there security systems in the building?

Yes, all our buildings have CCTV and biometric systems installed.


12. Can I sign my new contract digitally or electronically?

Yes, you can sign your contract through UAE Pass.


13.During the contract period, is it possible for me to terminate the lease?

No, our tenancy contract does not allow terminations during the lease[JS1] [CL2] .


14. Do I pay separately for air conditioning or is it included in the rent?

Air conditioning is paid through your monthly Dewa bills unless the building is chiller free.


15. Is the parking available with the unit?

Yes, each unit comes with 1 free parking space (except for certain selective properties where designated parking is not available).


16. Is the building equipped with gas facilities?

Yes, our buildings are equipped with gas facilities.


17. How do I activate the gas connection to my unit?

The documents required in order to activate your gas connection are:

  • Passport copy with visa page

  • Emirates ID copy

  • Tenancy contract / Ejari certificate


  • Open from Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (Saturday-Sunday and Holiday off).

  • Contact No. 04-4517773.


18. What is the DEWA connection process?

Tenants can download the Dewa application: Activate the move in and activate the Dewa premises number under their name.


19. How do I connect Etisalat or Du?

Please contact your preferred telecom partner and provide with them with a copy of the Ejari. 


20. Who is responsible to pay the housing fee?

It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the housing fee which is 5% of the annual rent divided monthly and included in your monthly Dewa bill.


21. Can my guests use the building facilities?

No, it is not allowed.


22. Do I have to pay an admin fee?

Yes, every tenant is required to pay the administration fees upon renewal


23. Can I renew my lease for short term?

Yes, however it would be subject to the Landlord’s Policies on short term extension.


24. Is it possible to upgrade my unit during the term of my contract?

Yes, it is possible, subject to the approval of the management.


25. Is it possible to install a dish on the roof?

No, it is not allowed

26. Are pets allowed in the building?

Please provide pet details and pictures to the Property Management Team prior to signing the booking form.Subject to Management approval, once approved, the tenant will be required to sign the undertaking letter and, in any non-compliance, the Landlord has every right to revoke the approval to keep a pet in the apartment.


​27. I would like to register on Eqarcom. How do I do that?

Download the application from the Google Playstore or Apple Store. Login with your registered email address and click on the forgot password link to set your new password.


28. What is the call centre number and opening hours?

  1. -8 AM to 8 PM – 7 days a week


29. What are the benefits of biometrics?

Biometrics helps to ensure the safety and security of all our tenants. It means that only those that are authorized can enter the building.

30. What is the process for registering biometrics for building access?

During the time of key handover and at the time of moving into the unit, the building Security / Watchman will register the biometrics for all the occupants mentioned on the move in form.

31. What is the process for raising a maintenance request for a common area?

Please scan the tenant feedback QR Code located in the building lobby or alternatively send an email to

32. What is the procedure for raising a maintenance request?

Maintenance requests can be raised via our tenant app, “Eqarcom”. Through the app you can schedule maintenance and also track and monitor your request


33. What maintenance services are included in my contract?

All major maintenance, including preventive planned maintenances are covered under the landlord’s scope.


34. Who will be responsible for damages caused to the Landlord’s Assets?

Damages caused to the property due to tenant negligence will be the responsibility of the tenant.


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