Mobile Application FAQ’s

1- How can I register to avail the services offered by this app?

To use the services, you need to be an existing tenant of Al-Ghurair Properties. You need to enter your registered email address or mobile number that was provided to AL-Ghurair Properties leasing team to register. Once entered, your email or mobile number will be verified automatically by the system and we will provide you OTP ( One time password ) to setup your password and login into the app. Incase, you are not able to register, please reach out to our call center number

2- What are the features offered by this mobile application related to maintenance?
You will be able to select your unit and log service requests related to your maintenance issues

by adding all details of the issue. Our facility team will take an action and update the status of every ticket which will be notified to you and updated on the app.

3- Can I attach a picture or a video of the issue?

Yes- You will be able to attach up to three images and one video (maximum length of 10 seconds)

4- What is the process of closing a ticket?
You will receive a notification once the ticket is reported to be resolved by our technician. You will

have 48 hours to approve or reject the resolution. In the case of rejection, our facility management team  will take an action and address the issue again. In the case of approval, you will be asked to

rate the technician and provide your feedback. In the case where no action is taken by yourself, the ticket will be automatically closed after 48 hours.

5- Can I re-open the ticket?
Yes – you will be able to re-open a ticket which was closed recently by our team. You will not be able

to re-open the tickets which have a resolution time older than 24 hours.

6- How will I identify a recurring issue?
When logging the ticket, you need to select it’s a ‘recurring issue ‘. You will also be provided a list

of similar tickets to attach for reference.

7- Can I expect the technician on the preferred time slot I requested?
Once we receive the request with your preferred time slot, we will get back to you to confirm if

our team will be able to visit you in your request slot or no. We will communicate back to you and mutually agree to an alternative time slot in case our team is not available in the time slot requested by yourself.

8- How can I update my profile?
You will be able to update your personal details by going into profile section apart from your registered email or mobile number. To change your email address, please contact our call center team at


9- How many dependents I can add?
You will be able to add one more dependent who will be able to register and use the application for logging maintenance requests.

10- What other features can I expect in future?
In order to serve you better, we are constantly updating our mobile app and will launch additional services in the near future such as online payments and process contract renewals functionality

which will allow you to pay your rental payments and initiate the renewal process through the mobile app.

11- What if I wrote wrong cheques?
Your renewal application won’t proceed further, you’ll be requested to visit the office and either correct the cheques or submit new ones.

12- What if I submitted wrong profile details?
We’ll receive your cheques, but renewal application won’t proceed further until you submit correct supporting documents through your respective property executive.

13- Am I obliged to sign renewed Ejari contract?
No, it is not mandatory to sign renewed Ejari contract as the renewal is based on existing terms

and conditions. Renewed Ejari certificate will be sent to your email via RERA portal.

14- What if I did not receive my Ejari certificate?
You should receive your renewed Ejari certificate after three working days from receiving your cheques, if not received please contact your respective property executive.