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What You Need To Know Before Moving Homes in Dubai

A cosmopolitan hub recognized for its record-breaking feats and superior quality of life, Dubai is a magnet for citizens from around the world. The city offers unmatched opportunities for work, leisure and smart living, which has attracted a growing number of expats to put down roots in the city of life. Whether your family is getting bigger or you’ve got your eye on new properties and communities, Al Ghurair Properties wants to help you through the process of moving between homes with this step-by-step guide.


First things first, consider the cost involved in moving. If you’re moving to save money on rent, you might be surprised to know it can be an expensive process to relocate. Go through the steps below and map out the total cost for your specific situation. Planning ahead is key!


This is a dealer’s choice scenario. If time is an issue and convenience is a priority, You can book a moving company to come in and transfer all your belongings from one place to the next. Some people also like to go the extra step and engage their packing services, too. Whatever option you choose, make sure to book at least two weeks in advance.


So, now that you’ve found your new dream home, you’ve signed a tenancy contract and you’re ready to make the move, you will need to apply for an Ejari—it’s mandatory for all relocations and can take up to 2-3 business days with delivery, depending on how long it takes you to fill out the online application. The cost, inclusive of RERA and other fees is typically AED 585, with VAT included.

The documents you’ll need to apply for it are:

● Your passport, visa and Emirates ID

● New tenancy contract

● The title deeds of the rented property

● The last DEWA bill or connection receipt

● Your landlord's passport

The last step here is to look into move-in and move-out permits. Check-in with your previous and new landlord or building management to find out if you need them, and they’ll be able to guide you on the process; however, make sure you’ve received your Ejari document beforehand as it’ll likely be a requirement to receive the permit, and it can take up to a week.


You’ll be glad to live in the UAE during this stage because now that the country’s on its way to becoming paperless, you can get everything done from the comfort of your computer or phone.

Approximately a week before moving out, when you’ve got your Ejari in hand, go onto DEWA’s website and apply for the ‘transfer of electricity/water (move-to)’ option. During this process, you’ll be able to choose your move-in and -out date, which will dictate when these services start and stop in both homes. They can overlap, that’s not an issue, but you’ll want to make sure you select a move-out date that gives you enough time to clean, fix or paint your home.


Speaking of cleaning, fixing or painting your home, make sure to do a quick inspection of the space and assess any changes you’ve made during your tenancy. Did your kids colour a crayon masterpiece on the walls? Did your pet scratch at the door in excitement for their walks? Whatever the case may be, go over your contract, speak to your landlord and either hire or take on the necessary jobs to transform your home back into tip-top shape.


Once every step has been completed and you’re in your new home (congratulations!) it’s time to get your security deposit back. Keep a dialogue going with your landlord to monitor this process and remember to look over your previous contract—if you’ve respected every requirement for the security deposit to be returned, it’s yours by law.


● If you’re dismantling your furniture by yourself, be gentle and keep separate zip-locks for every screw, plug and cam lock fastener you extract. And label it with the piece of furniture it belongs to!

● You can find branded instructions for different furniture online. Don’t panic, give up and head to the store.

● Upholster sofas and headboards by enlisting the help of a tailor. Satwa and Deira are great places to find talented professionals and affordable fabrics.

● upcycle furniture! Get creative, you’ll be surprised how new a re-painted and repurposed item can look. It’ll also be more reflective of your style than anything you’d find at a store.

● If you don’t drive and your new home is a commute from the office, find the nearest metro and invest in a NOL card.

● Join your community’s Facebook group! Not only will you find deals on what’s happening in the neighbourhood, but you will also stay updated on any garage sales going on and meet your neighbours in the process.

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures where approximately 88% of the population are expatriates who coexist harmoniously, treating one another with respect and kindness. No matter where you want to move to, you can expect friendly neighbours, efficient transportation options, safe surroundings, and great entertainment options nearby.


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