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Is your Home Fire-Safe? An Essential Guide to Fire Safety at Home

Apartments in Dubai come with convenience and a sense of community living. In 2023, the Dubai Civil Defense Fire announced new fire safety standards and requirements for properties in the country. This means that there are certain protocols to be followed by the building developer and measures to be taken by the building management. But a real fire crisis can happen anywhere, from inside the apartment or outside. One needs to be on the vigil to ensure to surpass any such fire crisis. To be fire-ready means one must understand specific hazards and then take proactive steps. Let's look into some essential tips and tricks to ensure you are prepared for any situation and can react calmly and effectively in case of a fire emergency.



Understand the Building’s Fire Safety Features

First, it's important to familiarize yourself with the fire safety features in your building and inside your apartment. It is essential to know the location of the fire exits, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms. Familiarize yourself with the building’s evacuation plan, and fire exits, and be prepared to act swiftly in the event of an emergency.


Fire Alarms

Smoke alarms inside your apartments are an indispensable tool for early fire detection. Make sure your unit is equipped with functioning smoke alarms and there is no obstruction to its effective functioning. In case a fire breaks out, early detection can make a significant difference in ensuring everyone’s safety and a successful evacuation.


Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets

Most apartments in Dubai are equipped with fire extinguishers and fire blankets. While these may never be used, having them readily available is crucial in the event of a small fire, where you can contain the fire before it spreads. Ensure you and your family know how to use these devices safely and effectively.


Keep Emergency Contact Handy

Familiarize yourself with emergency contact numbers in Dubai, including the fire department. Keep these numbers readily accessible and ensure that all household members are aware of how to contact emergency services in case of a fire or any other emergency. In case of an emergency in UAE, you may call the following numbers for assistance:




FIRE -997



Practice Fire Safety & Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Be mindful of fire hazards in your apartment, such as unattended candles, overloaded electrical sockets, and cooking accidents. Always turn off electrical appliances when not in use and avoid leaving cooking unattended. Never leave incense sticks or candles burning when there is no one in the house. Educate your family members, especially children, about fire safety and prevention measures.


Maintenance of Electrical Systems

At Al Ghurair Properties, all main electrical systems are regularly inspected and maintained. You must report any poor or faulty electrical system within your apartment, such as flickering lights, sparking outlets, or other electrical issues, to the building management as soon as possible. Because a faulty electrical system inside your apartment is a potential safety hazard.


Stay Informed & Aware

Keep yourself informed about fire safety regulations and guidelines in Dubai. Stay updated on any changes in fire safety requirements and ensure that your apartment complies with all relevant standards and regulations.


Stay Calm

If a fire erupts, you must move to the fire exit. Once you are outside, call the fire department on 997.

-       Don’t try to open any door if it feels warm to touch.

-       Fill gaps around the door and cover vent covers with towels, tape, or bedding.

-       Open your apartment door slowly if it feels cool to touch. Follow the evacuation procedures for your apartment if the hallway is secure.

-       Never attempt to escape a fire in an elevator. Take the stairs every time.


Fire safety is a shared responsibility that requires active participation from the residents as well as building management. By being proactive, aware, and prepared, we can all contribute to creating a safer living environment for ourselves and our neighbors. Remember, when it comes to fire safety, every action you take matters, and it is a crucial difference in an emergency. Let's work together to prioritize fire safety and protect our homes.


This blog post is in the interest of all residents residing in Al Ghurair Properties to ensure that your homes and families are safe from any accidents due to a fire outbreak.



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